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itz about bein close to the ground like dope fiends...

n not even fallin...

itz a new day...
5 April
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The journal formerly known as tamalimaghribia

My name is Mia. I'm Moroccan and Greek. I live in Harrisburg, PA but I spent the last 2 years in Queens, NY and that's my home. Harrisburg is the most boring place on Earth... I'm idealistic. I want to join the Peace Corps and travel to Africa to help with the AIDS epidemic. I'm interested in women's health and education. I'm trying sooooooo hard to go vegan but it's soooooo hard.... Maybe I'll open a vegan fast food restaurant, because I have a feeling so many more people would be if food was more accessable. I can't spell :) My car is decked out in Sponge Bob stuff... I have 2 cats, 2 fish, and a turtle :). My turtle's name is Lenin. I love animals. I like to read. I graduated from St. John's University with my BA in psychology in May 2OO4!!!! Let's go Red Storm!!
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