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Monsoon wedding

So I just watched Monsoon Wedding... Great film!!! However there was this one part that made me really miss someone (and no it's not who everyone is thinking)... When Ayesha sneaks into the living room at night to see the hot guy (I forget his name, but damn is he smokin)... He looks like that someone... and his mannerisms are the same... and the way Ayesha acts toward him is similar to how I would. So Alyah is leaving on Wednesday for Cyrpus and she will be back on the 15th.... Just in time for some of my vacation from school - so inchallah I will be in Jersey for a few days. *cough*
Alyah you better be bringing sheesha and post cards woman!!!!
Ayesha - you have to come to Queens when I'm there!!!

When I kissed you the first time I wanted magic. I got passion. Now I need the magic to validate the passion...-unknown... or maybe it is known
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