itz a new day... (itzxaxnewxday) wrote,
itz a new day...

so cynical...

the scar you're most proud ofi have one on my arm (near where a heroin scar would be) that came from my kitty kitty who is no longer with us
your favourite condimentketchup... or are pickles? bah.
if you have frecklesa few small ones on my nose that come out when i'm really tan
your preferred method of cookinghaving the person at the restaurant do it :)
what shoes you're wearingwhite steve madden flip flop heels
how many children you have0
the first person you french kissedlorn ray
your preferred breed of dogchow chow
where you were bornthe hospital lol
what colour underwear you're wearingpink with cherries on the front and nothin in the back :)
where your keys are right nowon the window seat
if you have split endshaha yes
when you last got laidummm me and walid broke up when?
your opinion on airline foodi like to take a sandwich with me...
what cosmetic surgery you would considernose job
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onswings! oh that said sex... ummmm those things that rock back n forth!!
your worst maladyi need a dictionary... if that means something bad about me - my small vocabulary
if your mum loves your dadyes
if you can sing wellno
what your olympic event would bebobsledding kicks ass
someone you admireeveryone i admire seems to disappoint me so myself :) i'm always disappointing myself :)
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapum one of the ones that used to be part of russia... like i can tell them apart...
the last time you criedwatching boy meets world lol
your most interesting sexual congress locationi don't have sex in congress...
part of the Sunday papers you read firstjobs lol
the languages you speakfrench spanish arabic english portuguese latin some turkish some italian some suck my balls
the religion you were raised inislam and eastern orthodox (syrian) and jewish lol
if you can draw wellno
your favourite photographones of me!!
what you should be doing instead of thishaving sex on the playground :)

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