itz a new day... (itzxaxnewxday) wrote,
itz a new day...

I don't know if anyone heard about this new show on UPN that's supposed to start tonight - Amish in the City. Well there's so crap stirring up and they don't want to show it around here because there are so many Amish people in Penn and they don't wanna offend anyone I guess...
However, they still show shows in NY, Detroit, DC, Chicago, California, and Florida with Jewish, Indian, and Hispanic actors playing Arabic terrorists... How is this any different? How frequently are we portrayed in this light? . . . Yet we can't show a few Amish kids gettin loaded for the first time!

Jen's away message:
so apparently this new amish in the city show is supossed to be a big hit but it probably won't get air time around ol' central PA due to the fact that it is "abhorrent to the amish"......all i'm sayin is, do amish even have televisions? ignorance is bliss.
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